What are you working on?

I mean seriously “working on?”

Not what are you thinking about doing, tinkering with, or playing around with.

What are you actually working on?

I’ll wait…

Why do you need to know?

Because right now, you fall into one of two groups:

You answered this question immediately or,

You are still sitting here reading the blog trying to answer the question and you still don’t have an answer.

Kudos to group #1 keep working, no need for you to read on.

Okay group 2, you’ve got work to do.

How’d you get here?

Well, you started on a path and you had a goal, then you got distracted, maybe you saw a squirrel or a shiny object. So you stopped to explore it, then you got tired, so you took a nap. When you woke up you had a new goal, so you started on a different path and you saw a friend, you talked for hours and then went home and went to bed. The next morning you had a mind blowing innovative idea and you began to pursue it and the phone rang, it was your sibling and they needed to vent. Before long the day had passed and you went to sleep, only to wake up the next morning and repeat the vicious cycle yet again.

So how do you go from being distracted to staying focused, and start to truly work on the things that matter, allowing you to accomplish your goals?

I am glad that you asked!

You need what I like to call a “distraction buster.”

Distraction buster – A word that stops you from being distracted.

Whenever you find yourself being distracted you say the “distraction buster,” and then you go back to what you were originally working on.

My word is, “Purple Pineapple.”

The key is to select two words that don’t normally belong together, it basically distracts the distractions.

Ex: You’re working on your project and you take a break to get a snack. Next you watch a TV show. And then you pick up your phone to make a call. It’s at that point you realized that you are distracted. Say “Purple Pineapple,” (out loud), then get back to work.

My final thoughts…

No more distractions. You have the cure. So, the next time someone asks you “What are you working on,” you’ll be able to tell them…instantly!

Distraction Buster!

Dr. Donna

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