During my Mo’ 50 Book Challenge I discovered these 20 excuses while reading the book, The Oz Principle.

The 20 tried and tested excuses: 

  1. “That’s the way we’ve always done it.” 

  2. “It’s not my job.”

  3. “I didn’t know you needed it right away.” 

  4. “It wasn’t my fault that it’s late.” 

  5. “That’s not my department.” 

  6. “No one told me what to do.”

  7. “I’m waiting for approval.” 

  8. “Someone should have told me not to do that.” 

  9. “Don’t blame me. It was the boss’s idea.” 

  10. “I didn’t know.”

  11. “I forgot.”

  12. “If you ad told me it was that important, I would have done it.” 

  13. “I’m too busy to do it.” 

  14. “Someone told me to do the wrong thing.” 

  15. “I thought I told you.” 

  16. “Why didn’t you ask me?”

  17. “No one invited me to the meeting … I didn’t get the memo.” 

  18. “My people dropped the ball.” 

  19. “Nobody’s followed up with me; it can’t be that important.” 

  20. “I told someone else to take care of this.” 

I am sure you’ve heard at least 5 of these excuses in your lifetime. Which is unacceptable!

The Turn Around is about accepting 100% responsibility for your actions. Form this point forward you can’t tolerate excuses from anyone in your circles. Why? Because excuses are a breeding ground for mediocrity and being average. You’re better than that! 

P.S. To find out my biggest take away from The Oz Principle CLICK HERE.

Ending the Excuse Epidemic 

Dr. Donna 

Book Credit: The Oz Principle by Roger Connors, Tom Smith, & Craig Hickman

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