Remember when you first started out? You took risks on the daily basis. You lived on the edge. Then you started to achieve success and you went into what you like to call the “Comfort Zone,” and what I like to call the “Danger Zone.”

The “Comfort Zone,” is the place where everything is just as you imagined it and you feel safe and secure. The problem with this zone is that, the same things that you enjoyed about it, become the things that make you feel trapped. The things that, make it difficult for you to get out the bed in the morning; the things that, cause you to want to escape.

So, what’s the solution to staying clear of the “Danger Zone?”

Before I answer that…I want you to sit for a moment and ponder this question:

What is your current position from the edge?

  1. Are you so far away from it you need a telescope to see it?

  2. Are you driving distance from it?

  3. Are you able to walk to it?

  4. Are you an arm’s length away from it?

I would venture to say there are a couple of “comfort factors” that determine your current location from the edge:

  1. Age

  2. Career level

  3. Marital status

  4. Children

  5. Homeowner

  6. Where you live

  7. Family and Friends

  8. Financial status

You see, the more “comfort factors” that you have in your life the further away you are located from the edge. You feel like if you take a risk, you have too much to lose so, you have moved “inland,” to a more comfortable position. The problem is, that “comfort zone” is killing you softly.

So, while you sit back and watch us on the edge, you fit into one of two categories:

  1. You observe us with a little envy of our courage to live the edge or,

  2. You look at us as being irresponsible, and give all the reasons why we are going to, “fall off and hurt ourselves.”

Before I close, I just have one more question for you:

“Is living away from the edge, giving you the life and success that you have always wanted?

If the answer is yes, “Congratulations!” There is no need for you to read any further.

For those of you who answered “NO”, and you want and need more from your life, your profession or your business keep reading…

So, what are the characteristics of the people living in the “Danger Zone?”

  1. Always complaining.

  2. Worry about everything.

  3. Stopped following their dreams a long time ago.

  4. Playing not to lose.

  5. Rarely take any risks.

  6. Talk about the past.

  7. Stuck in a rut.

  8. Hold each other back.

  9. Talk people out of pursuing their dreams.

  10. Have a false sense of “security.”

What are the characteristics for those of us living on the edge?

  1. We have PMA (Positive Mental Attitudes).

  2. We take risks often.

  3. We are constantly challenging ourselves.

  4. We lead fulfilled and happy lives.

  5. We rarely complain.

  6. We are very supportive of one another.

  7. We think outside of the box.

  8. We are trailblazers.

  9. We are secure in our choices.

  10. We are excited about our future.

My final thoughts…

I gotta be honest with you, you can keep existing “inland” if you want, but I say come “LIVE” with us on the edge. Life is so much better when you are participating instead of spectating.

If nothing else, at least consider taking a vacation and visit the edge. See what it feels like, it may be exactly the push you need to get out of you “Comfort Zone.”

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Saying, “Hello” from the edge!

Dr. Donna


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