This year during our 50-50 challenge we read the book, “You already know how to be great.” The article below is taken from the book. Although it is research for children the meaning can be transferred to adults.

Standford psychologist Carol Dweck has done extensive research showing the difference between people who believe that ability is something people are born with and those who believe it can be developed. (This latter perspective reflects Faith in our ability to learn, or in what we could call the “learner within.”)

Those who believe ability is inherent typically believe that success should come easily. They’re not motived to practice. They see failure as a lack of ability and are easily discouraged. On the other hand, those who see ability as something that can be developed believe that success is a result of effort. They’re motivated – not discouraged by failure. They see themselves as learners and problem solvers, and it one solution doesn’t work, they’re ready to try another. 

Dweck’s research also reveals a difference between those who have “performance” goals and those who have “learning” goals and a difference in the results. She says, “Students for whom performance is paramount want to look smart even if it means not learning a thing in the process. For them, each task is a challenge to their self-image, and each setback becomes a personal threat. So they pursue only activities at which they’re sure to shine – and avoid the sorts of experiences necessary to grow and flourish in any endeavor. Students with learning goals, on the other hand, take necessary risks and don’t worry about failure because each mistake becomes a chance to learn. 

In further affirmation of the learners within, Dweck concludes that “praising children for intelligence, rather than for effort, sap [s] their motivation. She also affirms that people can change their mind-sets and therefore improve their performance.  

My final thoughts…

Essentially you can succeed when you shift your mindset to embrace and learn from your failures.  Now that’s what I call a true Turn Around!

Dr. Donna 

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