I recently made the choice to remove my acrylic nails and go back to natural. I know you’re wondering Dr. Donna what does this have to do with me.

Keep reading it’ll will make sense…

For three months I went to the nail salon and left dissatisfied. Not so much with the nail work but an internal tugging each time looked down at my hands.

Finally, 3 weeks ago I removed the acrylic from my nails. I realized that it had been 6 consecutive years of me destroying my nails.

Once the nails were removed my hands felt lighter. My finger-tips connected with everything that I touched. Of course my nail beds were sore and tender and my nails were severely damage but I felt lighter. I felt better than I had in the previous three months of leaving the nail salon.

Now sit back for a moment of assess your life, your career and your business. What areas have you been destroying for years?

I’ll wait…

Okay we’re back.

After removing the nails, I thought long and hard about why I had kept them on for so long and it was my beliefs system. Acrylic names represented femininity for me and status. I made a choice in my Mid-Thirty’s and kept doing without ever going back and determining if that choice was still valid for me. Three weeks ago I decided that it was no longer a fit. I am different and I have a different value system. Things that had meaning years ago are no longer valid my nails are just one example of many.

I challenge you over the next couple of days to really consider what are some of the things that you are doing because it’s a trend, you decided to do it years ago or you believed it would make you feel better. If the reasons are no longer valid let it go and discover new ways that match the person you are today and the person you are becoming.

Admiring my natural nails

Dr. Donna

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