Do you know any pushovers?

Have you ever been a pushover?

Now before you answer let me explain my definition of a pushover…

Pushover – A person who pushes their dream over to the side to help everyone else build theirs.

Now that you know the definition have you been a pushover and do you know any pushovers?

If I were a betting woman I would say that over the course of your life you can say “yes” to both questions.


Why? did you allow yourself to be a pushover?

Was it fear?

Was it that you believed that you did not have a choice?

Was it for your family?

Was is that you did not have enough belief and faith in yourself?

The good news is that this no longer has to be your reality.

Let’s turn this around.


Great question!

Here’s How

First you’re going to need to determine what is your dream today.

Next, you’re going to need to develop a strategy to pursue the dream.

Finally, and most importantly you’re going to need to execute the strategy. This step is one that will cause your heart to beat very fast and then doubt will enter your mind and you may once again turn into a pushover. Do not be moved once you have established your plan you have to execute it. You have to move forward its why you came here and you’re the only person that can make this dream become a reality.

My final thoughts…

If you get to the final step and quit. Just remember you’ll be working for someone else that did not quit.

If you can’t say Amen say Ouch!

Dr. Donna 

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