Have you ever thought about creating a Not To-Do List?

Think about it for a moment…you are so engaged in focusing on what “To-Do,”

You wake up each day ready to do the work necessary so that you can check the tasks off of your list. By the end of the day you lay your head down feeling as though you have had a very productive day. After all, the proof is in the pudding, I mean the list…every tasks has been completed.

Well what about the things that you should not have done?

  • Multi-tasked while someone was speaking to you at the office.

  • Completed busy work while muted on a conference call until…it was your turn to speak.

  • Avoided your supervisor because your project was not finished.

  • Failed to delegate properly and the work flow slowed down.

  • Micro-managed your staff because without your guidance, they simply can’t seem to “get it right.”

All too often you are focused on getting it done, “By any means necessary,” and never really taking into account who’s been affected by what is being neglected. This neglect flows over into your personal life as well.

Here’s what your personal life looks like?

  • Not taking time to spend a few moments a day with yourself.

  • Not taking the time to sit down and eat an entire meal without interruptions.

  • Not spending quality time with family and close friends.

  • Not pursuing your dream because you are just too busy.

  • Forgoing a hobby that you have wanted to take up because you think you might not enjoy it or, that you don’t have the time.

So, what’s my point?

You spend hours, days, months and years completing the “To-Do List” and waste valuable time neglecting the “Not To-Do list.” I say both professional and personal “No-To’s” are equally valuable and can make the difference between leading a fulfilling and rewarding life or NOT!

Before the New Year begins think about the things that you should not do. Make a list and laminate it. Spend time in 2016 focused on untying those “Not’s.” It could mean the difference in succeeding and failing in both your professional and personal life.

To-Do or Not To-Do…That is the question

Dr. Donna

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