Let’s Face it, we hate adversity. No one walks around saying come on difficult moments I am ready for you. We don’t wake up in the morning telling ourselves, “I want at least three overwhelming events to occur before 9 o’clock this morning . ” This is not our reality, however, what is real is that, difficult moments will occur.

So, what’s my point? 

We are confronted with challenges and adverse times in all areas of our lives. Each one of us has stories that we could share. Do you realize that the stories are just as important as the outcome? Talking about my divorce was one of the most vicissitude moments in my life, but it helps to show the wins that can occur when you persevere.

During those months of the divorce, I was mentally, physically and emotionally at my weakest. Waking up in the morning was difficult. However, each day that I persevered made me become stronger. Somehow I managed, and over time it became easier. The weight of the divorce became lighter . W alking through the pain was the most effective method to make it through to the other side.

To be honest, there were days throughout my healing that I just wanted to give in and go hide in a closet to cry myself to sleep. But, something deep on the inside of me would not allow me to quit; besides quitting never solved anything. For me there was more to life than losing a husband.

How to turn it around? 

Success comes during those times when outside influences cannot move you from your path. When you find that you are faced with work or personal issues you have to dig deep within and find that voice that tells you, “don’t give up,” and “that which does not kill you makes you stronger.” By working through the situation you will be better equipped to handle future issues that will come about.

My final thoughts!

You have everything you need to be persistent in moments of duress. The secret is in knowing that you can do it. You simply have to tell yourself that it is possible even when the outlook seems bleak. It is in those thoughts that you will tap into your power, and you can accomplish everything!

From my Mountain Top to YOURS!

Dr. Donna

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