I know that it sounds a little crazy to say Happy New Year in November.
So, why am I sending you New Year greetings near the end of this year?
I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, my New Year starts in November?
I am glad that you asked.
You see, in January everyone is focused on starting fresh, they are ready for change. Yet by the end of the month, 95% of them have lost their momentum. Why because they were focused on the idea of change and growth instead of actually planning and executing a change and growth plan. They want to be able to discuss what they are changing for the “New Year” and very few are actually committed to changing.
I also noticed that as the year comes to a close, most people are celebrating the holidays, making travel plans and closing out the year by slowing down, resting and reflecting.
That sad part is this happens every year, year after year.
So what’s my point?
I say that was clearly the definition of insanity and there simply had to be a better way, it was time to make a turn around. My solution, start a New Year at a different Time of the year.
I realized that November is actually the perfect time to start the New Year, because people are distracted with other things. It’s a great opportunity to roll out new concepts, flush the ideas out, take risks, and begin new projects.
You can spend the rest of 2015 doing what everyone is doing or you can take action now and the only difference for you on Jan 1, 2016 will be remembering to write 2016 instead of 2015.
Take a risk, join me and start the New Year Now!
I know what you’re thinking…
Just in case you’re wondering, yes, changes have already started:
Check out the new brand, and the new websites below:
My final thoughts…
We just wrapped up our 100-in-1 book challenge, and I am looking forward to your growth and development for the upcoming year.
Stay tuned for the announcement of the, “50/50 challenge,” where we will be reading 50 books and watching 50 Documentaries.
Learning supports your yearning and your earning!
Happy New Year
Dr. Donna



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