Have you kissed any frogs lately?

No, I have not “lost it.” This is a valid question.

Have you kissed any frogs lately?

Well guess who has:

Elon Musk, Kevin Plank, Diddy, Serena Williams, and yes me too.

We all have done it and are very proud of it!

What is frog kissing?

It was developed by the DEKA engineering firm. Frog kissing is the process of making many mistakes until you discover a great idea, concept or product. The basis for frog kissing is that you fail fast and often.

Why is frog kissing a good idea?

There’s an unwritten rule that adults are not allowed to fail. In fact a large percentage of adults have loss aversion. That’s when you would rather not take a risk even if the reward is great, because you don’t want to lose.

Leader’s, Business Owners, Executives have been conditioned to go with the flow because mistakes are costly. They believe that it’s better to have lost safely than to take risks, fail in the process and then win big.

So, what’s my point?

There has to be room for error to create something extraordinary. If all of your ideas are good, it’s going to take a quantum leap to get to great. That can only occur when you allow yourself and others to make mistakes in an environment that rewards kissing frogs.

How to kiss frogs effectively:

  1. Set up a frog kissing room.

  2. Allow everyone the freedom to brainstorm and innovate.

  3. Give them an allotted time to test their ideas.

  4. Come back and present the results of their testing.

  5. Reward the person who had the most outlandish idea that did not work. (Why? Because it encourages everyone to become free thinkers and innovators).

  6. Take any ideas that work, and test them on a smaller sample size scale.

  7. If the idea, concept or product works, take the necessary action to implement them in your organization.

Why frog kissing works

You gotta kiss a lot of frogs to land a prince. The same is true when developing a great idea. You’re going to make a lot of mistakes before you discover the correct way to build a long-lasting light bulb, fly through the air from the free throw line, become a media mogul, change the world in film, music & computers, and approach business with battlefield tactics and corporate strategies.

My final thoughts…

You see, when staff members and leaders know that they have the freedom to fail fast and often, without the fear of losing their jobs and their reputations, they’ll become frog kissing champions. And with all of that kissing going on, your organization is sure to land a prince.

Keeping my Chap-Stick close

Dr. Donna

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