We often hear people talk about fear of failure but rarely do we address the fear of success.

Yes it is real.

So what exactly is the fear of success?

I could give you some long text book answer that would still leave you wanting to know or I could simple say, Fear of Success is the fear of believing that if you have succeeded once you don’t believe that you can achieve it again so you give up.

You see fear of failure is when you talk yourself out of doing something because you don’t think that it can be done.

Fear of Success is when you accomplish something and never attempt to do it again because you believe that you can’t maintain it?

So what’s the point?

You could spend the rest of your life wonder “what if” or you can go for it. ¬†How can you ensure that you will achieve success and more importantly be able to sustain it?

The answer is simple take it off of your “do” list and put it in the becoming list.

When you look at everything that you need to accomplish as an experience in something that you are becoming you remove the “what if I fail” or what if is doesn’t work form he equation.

In everything that you do going forward just experience it. The best part is that you will be in the present moment and you’ll enjoy every single bit of it.

My Final thoughts…

Failure is never and option success is experience that keeps on giving.

Dr. Donna

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