While I’ve enjoyed speaking to large groups in the past, what I have found to be most beneficial for a Turn Around is, sitting down and having a conversation in small groups. Larger groups tend to bring out everyone’s “Representatives,” and it causes participants to resist telling the truth. The truth is the vital component to developing an effective Turn Around.
How it Works:
Turn Around Conversations are scheduled for 60-90 minutes. They can be conducted in person or through secured video conferencing. All participants sign CDA’s and all conversations are confidential.
Turn Around Conversations are designed for groups of 5-15. The purpose of the Conversation is to discuss a common issue that needs to be Turned Around.
Session Prep:
The group submits a summary of the issue 48 hours prior to the session.
The Conversation Session:
The session is conducted and will end with Turn Around Action plans to execute.
Follow up Sessions: 
The number of follow up sessions (If needed) will be based upon the scope of the  issue being Turned Around.
Get Started: 
To discuss the details of setting up a Turn Around Conversation CLICK HERE: