I know what you’re thinking why did Dr. Donna use years as a title for a blog, has she lost it?

Of course not.

Those years represent transitions in my adult life.

1996 – I became a commissioned officer in the US Army. At 22 years old I was given the responsibility of making sure that I lead my soldiers and kept them and our country safe. I am blessed and proud to say that after spending 5.5 years in the military I left with ZERO casualties.

2001 РI started working at Frito-Lay and living my life as a civilian. I learned a lot at Frito but I felt the tug again and it was time for something more. Have you ever been sitting someone where alone and you just know that you are meant to be doing something more? After 9 years and 3 months, I left to start a small business with my sister.

2010 – I started working with my sister as the COO and it was an interesting transition to being an entrepreneur. I thought that my fortune 500 experience would help me and at some points it did but nothing can ever really prepare you for the daily life of an entrepreneur.

2013- My sister and I parted ways and I started my own company. I’ve never had that much fear in my life. I was on my own no one there to support. It as all me. It has been an interesting journey. When building a business you think that its all about making money but what you find is that its about finding yourself and then building a business around that gift that you’ve been given. I’ve often read “do what you love and the money will come” and for years I didn’t understand it. These last 3 years have taught me that no matter how much money you have if you don’t enjoy the work that you do to acquire it you’ll never truly be fulfilled. I have come to know more about who I am and who I am becoming by simply setting out to build a business.

My final thoughts…

Was it worth it? Yes

Would I change any part of it? No

Am I have a blast? Hell Yeah!

Take a moment and look at your transition years. If you don’t like where you are it’s time to transition again!

Dr. Donna

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